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  • Intuitive Reading - 1 Session $125
    • Get answers to your BIG questions.
    • Heal the past.
    • Learn how to shift from an old belief to a new one.
    • Discover the ‘magic’ of the law of attraction.
    • Understand the power of focus.
    • Raise your vibration to align with your authentic self.
    • Enhance your passion, fun, belonging, love and connection.
    • And much more…
  • Intuitive Reading - 4 Sessions $400
  • Intuitive Reading - 8 Sessions $750
  • Intuitive Reading - 12 Sessions $1,000

  • *NEW* Quickstart Manifesting - 4 Sessions $400

        Start telling a new story about what you desire. Start attracting it NOW.

        Discover which thoughts have the power to create.

        Start using the optimum thought to create.

        Use your emotions to easily guide you towards your manifestations. 

        Change your beliefs which quickly change your experience.

  • *NEW* Attracting Your Soulmate - 8 Sessions $800

    • Make space in your life and your heart for your soulmate
      Work with the law of attraction and become a love attractor
      Remove your blocks to love
      Remove the blocks to attracting your soulmate
      Heal the past to allow a new future
  • *NEW* Manifesting Your Desires - 12 Sessions $1,000

      How to work with the LOA to manifest what you want
      Understanding vibration and how to shift and change yours
      How to create with your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs
      How to shift and change your beliefs even if they are your "core" beliefs
      Empowerment, how to stay empowered
  • 15 Minute Mini Reading Free
    • Find out about my process.
    • Discover if we’re a good fit.
    • See which program fits you best.